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TitleBible Passage(s)SpeakerDate
Jesus Our Sufficient SubstituteMark 15:21-47Jonathan Wigg2023-04-07
The Coronation Of The Crucified KingMark 15:1-21Ben Cochrane2023-04-02
Faith On TrialMark 14:53-72Ben Cochrane2023-03-26
Faithfulness Under PressureMark 14:32-52Ben Cochrane2023-03-19
The Meal Worth RememberingMark 14:12-25Ben Cochrane2023-03-12
What Is Jesus Worth?Mark 14:1–11Ben Cochrane2023-03-05
What Does the Future Hold? Mark 13Ben Cochrane2023-02-26
What Impresses Jesus? Mark 12:35-44Ben Cochrane2023-02-19
Jesus Passes the Test Mark 12:13-34Ben Cochrane2023-02-12
Authority under question Mark 11:27-12:12Ben Cochrane2023-02-05
Barren Religion Mark 11:12-25Ben Cochrane2023-01-29
The Triumphal Entry of the Humble King Mark 11:1-11Ben Cochrane2023-01-22
Following in the Footsteps of the Servant KingMark 10:31-51Ben Cochrane2022-11-06
Receiving The KingdomMark 10:13-22Ben Cochrane2022-10-30
Marriage According to JesusMark 10:1-12Ben Cochrane2022-10-23
Lessons On DiscipleshipMark 9:30-50Ben Cochrane2022-10-16
The Necessity Of FaithMark 9:14-29Ben Cochrane2022-10-09
The TransfigurationMark 9:2-13Matthias Atkinson2022-10-02
Who Do You Say That I Am?Mark 8:27-9:1Jonathan Wigg2022-09-25
The Saviour Who Heals Our BlindnessMark 8:11-26Ben Cochrane2022-09-18
Jesus' Boundless Mission And Mercy Mark 7:24-8:10Ben Cochrane2022-09-11

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